Mystical Muscat
Days: Saturday to Thursday (Not operating on Friday)
Tour Price: US$ 130/ OMR 50 per saloon car – max 3 Pax in saloon car
Timing: It is best to start early in the day.
A tour of the capital of Oman offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience first hand the multifaceted nature of Oman with the traditional peacefully coexisting with the modern in this beautiful city.

We begin with a tour of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Built over six years, this imposing structure opened in 2001 as the largest mosque in Oman, accommodating up to 20,000 worshipers at a time. The mosque features a blend of various architectural styles, and is beautifully decorated with spectacular crystal chandeliers and handmade Persian rugs, some of the largest in the world.

From here we head to the Bait Al Zubair Museum, where we can trace the fascinating history and development of Oman and get a glimpse into the past and present lives of its people. We proceed towards the lively and colorful Mattrah Souq by driving along the waterfront cornice following a picturesque road where we can look out at the Gulf of Oman. After a short stop at the bustling Fish market, we explore the many wares available at the Mattrah Souq(marketplace). The souq is a shopper’s delight and you get a feel of the traditional Arab market here, with a variety of shops selling everything from Omani antiques to traditional textiles, hardware’s and jewelry.

Post the Souq we visit the magnificent Al Alam Palace, situated in the heart of Muscat and the official residences of the His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. It is surrounded by the Al Jalali and Al Mirani forts on two sides, and while the palace itself  is not open to the public, tourists can walk around the yard and gardens in front and click photos here.
We then head to the drop-off point where the tour ends.

NOTE: Kindly observe a dress code while visiting the mosque; Long sleeves tops and full-length trousers for both men and women. Women are additionally required to use a headscarf. Visit to Royal Opera House Muscat can be included in the program against a supplement cost for the entry ticket.


Twilight Dhow Cruise
Days: Available on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday(Not available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday)
Tour Price: US $ 63/ OMR 25 per person

Experience the beauty of the Gulf of Oman, on a relaxed Dhow Cruise as you sail along Oman’s spectacular coast on a ‘Dhow,’ a traditional wooden boat.
We will pick you up from your hotel to drive down to the Marina from where the Sunset Dhow cruise starts.Hop on to a traditional Omani Dhow and settle on the cushioned seats of the vessel to sip a beverage of your choice and snack on dates as you enjoy the cool sea breeze and take in the spectacular scenery. Be sure to try the Kahwa, a traditional Omani style coffee, onboard.

We take a brief stop at a natural cove so you admire the beauty of nature here. We then proceed to cruise past the sights of the coast including the spectacular Al Bustan Palace and Al Alam Palace before we head back to the marina.
Return to hotel at the end of the cruise.


Dolphin Watching
Tour Price: Price: US$ 55/ OMR 22 per person on sharing basis

Take the opportunity to discover natural beauty in the Gulf of Oman on this dolphin-watching and snorkelling cruise from Muscat. Embark on aboard your boat and cruise into the Gulf of Oman. Watch the waters for playful bottlenose dolphins, common Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins Rissos, Dolphins along the coast of Oman. After seeing these beautiful cetaceans unwind by snorkelling in the crystal waters in nearest snorkelling sight. Coral Beds provide homes to exotic variety of fish that can be discovered on this trip. Catch the timeless magic of tropical fish in a real-life situation.


Wahiba Wilderness
Days: Available on all days.
Tour Price: US$ 340/ OMR 131 per 4WD – maximum 3 Pax per vehicle
Timing: It is best to start early in the day as it is a long tour.
If you’re looking to get a feel of and explore the desert of Oman the Wahiba Wilderness Tour is must do.

After a four hour drive from Muscat, we arrive at a vast expanse of desert which is part of the Al Sharqiya Sands of Oman, also known as the Wahiba Sands or Ramlat al Wahiba. Here you will experience the Omani desert in all its glory as wide swaths of undulating red and white sands swell across the landscape forming dunes that rise up to 200m in ever-changing patterns as the winds sweeps them from here to there.

With the sparse flora and fauna that populated the land here it is hard to believe that any civilization could survive in these harsh conditions, however, it was home to the Bani Wahiba tribe after which the Wahiba Sands were named. Nowadays there are only a few Bedouin houses that still stand in this wilderness, and we can visit one of the houses to talk to the people here.

From here we move on towards Wadi Bani Khalid also known as Wadi Hayer or Wadi Hawer, which is a desert paradise in the middle of the sweltering sands. It is an oasis in the middle of date palm trees with of a network of pools with sparkling blue water surrounded by intimidating rock valleys. As the Wadi Bani Khalid tour explains the wadi is not a single spot but a wide expanse of area covering numerous villages in these rocky hills. The pools in the Wadi have absolutely clear sparkling waters and there is even a waterfall here. Some parts of the Wadi are home to a network of tiny caves, but these should not be explored without a guide.
After exploring the Wadi we return to Muscat.


  • Price mentioned is per 4WD. The rate is valid for up to 3 pax per car.
  • Transfer from Muscat to Wahiba Sands (One way) would take around 2.5 hrs by 4WD vehicle.
  • It is advisable to wear light comfortable clothing and walking shoes.


Fascinating Forts

Tour Price: US$ 265/ OMR 102 per saloon car- max 3 persons

Nizwa, ancient capital of interior Oman, is the birthplace of Culture, tradition & Islam in the Sultanate of Oman. Nizwa boasts of the famous Round Tower Fort, built in the 17th century, and its Souq renowned for its Friday Cattle Auction & intricately hand-carved “khanjars“(daggers) and Ornamental Silver Jewellery.

Jabrin, the finest of Oman’s castles build in the last 17th century, became a seat of Omani learning.

The castle displays the highest achievement in Omani ceiling painting & beautifully executed woodcarvings.

Enroute to Muscat visit the pretty village of Birkat Al Mauz situated at the foothills of Jebel al Akhdar (Green Mountain).

Do enjoy a walk through its oasis and dense date plantations.

Prices given are per vehicle rates, with 4WD’s accommodating 3 person


Batinah Bash

Days: Available on all days.
Tour Price: USD 312 / OMR 120 per 4WD – maximum 3 Pax
Timing: It is best to start early in the day.
One of the most popular day trips from Muscat is involves a drive along the coast of Al Batinah in Oman.

We start out from Muscat early in the morning and drive towards the west where we make our first stop of the day at the Seeb Fish Souq(market) by the coast.  The fishing village of Seeb has been gradually engulfed by the capital but it still offers a glimpse into what life was like in old Gulf fishing villages. A visit to this quaint seaside fish market is a great way of understanding the history of Oman’s coastal villages. Seeb is renowned for Mashakik, a chargrilled delicacy of meat, fish, and squid dipped in spicy tamarind sauce that you can try here.

We then proceed towards Nakhl passing through roads surrounded by green expanses of date palms and making a quick stop at the Ain Al Thowarah Hot Springs. We then take a tour of the Nakhl Fort, whose construction can be dates back to more than 1500 years ago. Situated on a palm oasis, the fort is built along the stone on which it is situated and not at a just one level and also houses a mosque and museum, apart from residential quarters.

From here we head to the beautiful Wakan Village, famous for its terrace farming. This mountain village sits on the Western Hajar mountains at an altitude of 2,000 meters overlooking the surrounding mountains above and Wadi Mistal below. As it can only be reached by driving uphill on a narrow dirt track set on a steep slope, we have experienced drivers with a 4WD who can take on this track easily. One can take in the amazing views from the viewing platform in the village and explore the beautiful green terrace farms here.

Our next stop is Wadi Abhyad whose name translates roughly as the white valley. It was named thus after the large patches of white sedimentation that has settled in the small pools of freshwater that are present all across the Wadi. We take a drive through the Wadi before returning.


  • It is advisable to wear light comfortable clothing and walking shoes.
  • Price mentioned is per 4WD. The rate is valid for up to 3 pax per car.


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