Sustainability and CSR Award

Entries can be for one or all of the following sub-categories.

  • Best Green Achiever Award
    This award recognizes the organization who actively support and advocate for the protection of the environment through long-term projects and/or initiatives, that have a significant and tangible positive impact.Success factors:

    • Demonstrates a robust support of environmental protection through long-term initiatives or projects such as those related to waste management, energy & water conservation, climate change action, etc.
    • Provides strong evidence of the measurable impacts of the project such as reduced waste, reduced greenhouse emissions, carbon neutrality, etc.
    • Exhibit evidence of influence on clients and customers towards their commitment to environmental issue(s) addressed by the project through proactive stakeholder engagement.
  • The Sustainable Brand Award
    This award recognizes the brand(s) that has established an identity reflecting a sustainable imprint of its product, service, or business as a whole. The brand has created robust branding through concrete business practices and continuously adds value in terms of environment and social benefits.Success factors:

    • Exhibits a focus on sustainability reflecting a strong presence in the market(s) served
    • Demonstrates transparency towards its processes such as:
      • Sustainable manufacture/production of products.
      • Prevention of pollution incorporated in the life cycle of products.
      • Consideration of closed loop processes, etc.
  • Sustainable Retailer of the Year
    This award recognizes retailers who exemplify sustainability in all aspects of their business and has potentially a positive effect on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy.Success factors:

    • Demonstrates clear, measurable, and evident alignment to sustainable business processes.
    • Demonstrates strong implementation with specific tangible positive impact from its ESG strategy (Environment, Social, and Governance). Examples:
      • Adopting effective environmental practices,
      • Contribution to UNSDG (UN Sustainable Development Goals)
      • Exhibits open & transparent reporting on the Company‚Äôs impact on environment and society.
  • Best CSR Performance Award
    This award category focuses on the corporate social responsibility practices of the organization and their roadmap to success in the field.Success factors:

    • Demonstrates strong evidence of business as well as societal benefits
    • Encompasses the basic elements of corporate social responsibility, namely:
      • Marketplace (ethical sales & marketing, responsible supply chain cycle).
      • Community (philanthropic, charitable activities, local sourcing, creating shared value)
      • Environment (environmental initiatives, green practices, sustainable solutions.
      • Workplace (responsible workplaces, safety, wellbeing, diversity, inclusion).

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