Patchi LLC BR

A trendsetter since 1974, and the creator of the chocolate gifting concept, today Patchi is a premium brand with a distinctive heritage, expanded and properly established in over twenty-five countries around the globe including Middle East, North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia Pacific, with upcoming openings in new locations.

The Maison is tied to an exclusive heritage. Attention to fine detail, an emphasis on uniqueness and “savoir-faire” intertwine in each of our chocolate gift creations.

Values melt together to make us who we are. Believing that one single chocolate gift can turn every moment into a stylish celebration. It is that vision of luxury, alongside our message of generosity that embodies our exclusive heritage. It is the essence of Patchi that is all purely “HeartMade”.

Our premium chocolate is a celebration of different fillings, ranges, shapes, and sizes. Each timeless piece is made with high quality ingredients that are free from preservatives and additives. The recipes are exclusive to Patchi and have been carefully created by our expert chefs and chocolate specialists. The result is the finest quality chocolate with superior taste.

Patchi operates five chocolate factories in the region, and four other manufacturing divisions in Lebanon, including a printing house for the production of packages, a factory for the silver plated line, the porcelain division, and the artificial flower division for the production of Patchi’s unique accessories.