For Loacker, “goodness” is a term that means constantly striving for quality, caring for the environment, having a great sense of responsibility towards consumers and co- workers, and meticulous attention to each stage of production.

It all began in 1925, when Alfons Loacker, who adored top-quality wafers and chocolate specalities, opened a little pastry shop in Bolzano. His children shared his passion and joined the firm from the 1960s.

In the 1970s, production was moved up into the mountains, to Auna di Sotto (Alto Adige) and Heinfels (East Tyrol), more than 1,000 meters above sea level, where the wonderful climate is perfect for production and offers a better lifestyle. Already a household name in 100 countries, in 2016 Loacker became the world’s leading wafer manufacturer and a byword for these crispy delights.

Its dimensions, objectives and production have thus all changed: over the past year, the company has created 854 million individual pieces and sold 35,496 tonnes of products, divided into 22 families, 46 flavors and 117 formats.

What has never changed for the brand are the values encapsulated in the word that inspired the founder: “goodness”. Loacker is proud of its commitment to using 100% natural ingredients and producing its specialties with no added flavorings or colors, and no preservatives or GMOs.

Through its Italian Hazelnut Orchards project, it works with 95 farmers in 5 regions in Italy and it also grows 100% Italian hazelnuts on its two estates in Tuscany.

Loacker obtains superior quality cocoa through its Sustainable Cocoa Farming Program, which works in the Ivory Coast and Ecuador, where top-class beans are grown.

The company has set up Dolomites Milk, a center for the production of powdered milk in Alto Adige which processes the 100% Alpine milk from farms close to the production plant.

Through the Madagascar Vanilla project, it guarantees the traceability of its Bourbon vanilla pods and ensures that the entire process is ethically sound.

In 2020 Loacker undertook to cut 6,395 tonnes of CO2 and 611,816 liters of heating oil by supplying its two production plants with electricity solely from renewable sources.

It is also working to reduce the percentage of plastic in its packaging, for it is convinced that the new generations deserve nothing less.

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