Established in 1981, Inter-African Marketing has emerged as the premier distributor of luxury beauty brands throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Inter-African Marketing has positioned itself as the leading distributor of global beauty brands in the region.

Working closely with renowned brand owners such as CHANEL, L’OREAL, PUIG, COTY, and LVMH, Inter-African Marketing currently operates in over 40 markets across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our extensive reach encompasses both the domestic market and travel retail sectors, allowing us to cater to a diverse range of customers.

To ensure seamless operations and efficient support, Inter-African Marketing has strategically established seven offices across Sub-Saharan Africa. These offices serve as hubs for sales, marketing, training, and distribution services, enabling us to provide tailored assistance to retailers in each individual region.

Recognizing the unique requirements of each brand and retailer, we offer a comprehensive range of services to facilitate the import and distribution of products locally. Additionally, for brands with global agreements with major travel retail operators, we provide specialized services in HR, merchandising, and training.

In our pursuit of maximizing sales and brand visibility, we go beyond conventional marketing strategies. Our team develops bespoke marketing campaigns that align with global expectations, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled exposure in the African market.

At Inter-African Marketing, our ultimate goal is to create a localized brand experience for global brands in Africa. We strive to provide individuals with an immersive and unforgettable journey when they travel into and out of Africa.

In a recent expansion, Inter-African Marketing ventured into the retail sector with the introduction of Scentopia, a chain of luxury beauty stores. Scentopia has rapidly become Ghana’s largest luxury beauty retailer and is currently the fastest-growing retailer in Africa. With nine stores in Ghana, three stores in Mauritius, and two stores in Senegal, Scentopia aims to be the premier beauty shopping destination in each of its markets.

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