EgyptAir for Tourism (El Karnak) and Duty Free Shops Company (EADFS) operated since 1962 as a dedicated duty free division of the State-owned Egypt Air. Since that time, it opened and operated many duty free shopping facilities at the most important airports in Egypt. Its turnover has increased from $39 million in 2002/3 to $70.8 million in the period July 2005 – Jun 2006 and further considerable growth is forecast in the coming years.

In September 2003 it was incorporated as a separate company and following a change in senior management, the company has undertaken a serious policy of business renewal.

To this end, it appointed Aer Rianta International (Middle East) W.L.L. in October 2004, as consultants to advise and assist in an internal change process, designed to lead the company forward to meet the challenges of the future, with a keen eye on both refurbishing/developing shops to international standards and focusing attention on all matters related to Customer Service.

The New Model

EADFS has specifically set out, in its recent contract with CityStars in Nasr City, to create a duty free retail outlet, which would showcase the company’s plans for moving forward to all the stakeholders of the company. This showcase operation incorporates the elements of change which are ongoing now inside the company and will bring it to a new level of international standard which will enhance the airports and impress airport users.

Corporate Identity

A new corporate identity was launched in 2005, which depicts a modern bright, family oriented, exciting image to the customer. The colours chosen are vibrant and bold, the image portraying a family enjoying the excitement of shopping. New uniforms were introduced for the CityStars shop opening. These are now being rolled out throughout the company.

Shop Designs

The company is, step by step, introducing new shop designs across its operations. The shops in Luxor Departures were designed and constructed within a very demanding turn-around to meet the needs of the new Terminal opening. Cairo Airport’s Arrivals Hall 3 was also constructed in the same fashion. Further new shops opened at Luxor and El Gouna.

With International Concession Agreements signed for both Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh the company is in the process of constructing new shops which will provide 920 Sq. metres of sales area in Hurghada and 792 sq. metres in Sharm El Sheikh Terminal 1. This new Terminal will open in March 2007.

The company has recently signed a concession agreement to operate the duty free shops exclusively in Cairo Airport Terminal 3. This new Terminal will open in 2008. The Concession Agreement covers duty free shopping in Terminals 1, 2 & 3 until December 2016. EADFS has exclusivity in the traditional duty free departments of liquor, tobacco and perfume in both Cairo Terminal 2 and 3.

Purchasing & product range

EADFS accepted a development plan for its Purchasing division and is now introducing the recommended changes. These changes will assist greatly in focusing the energies of this key function to the company’s developing requirements. There is now more emphasis on range review which, together with initiatives in improving margins, warehousing and seeking changes in relation to the application of Customs procedures, will further improve the company’s efficiency, sales and profitability.

Interest to meet new suppliers

EADFS is interested in meeting manufacturers of high quality product, who wish to supply our growing company. The company priority is to deal with principles rather than agents.

  • Current locations of EADFS duty free shops
  • Cairo Terminal 1 in Departures, Arrivals and Post Arrivals
  • Cairo Terminal 2 in Departures, Arrivals and Post Arrivals
  • Nozha Airport, Alexandria in Departures, Arrivals and Post Arrivals
  • Borg El Arab Airport, Alexandria in Departures
  • Taba Airport in Departures and Arrivals & at Hilton Hotel, Taba
  • Sharm El Sheikh Airport in Departures and Arrivals
  • Hurgada Airport in Departures and Arrivals
  • Luxor Airport in Departures, Arrivals and Domestic Departures and on the river at the boat terminus
  • Aswan Airport in Departures, Arrivals and Domestic Departures and at the Nasser Dam
  • City Stars Shopping Mall, Nasr City, Cairo
  • El Gouna Marine Port


It is the company strategy to compete actively for Duty Free Shopping Concessions at commercially viable locations while at the same time developing its marketing, customer service and product range.

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Contact Details:

Captain TawfikAssy (Chairman & CEO)
Ph. (002 02) 6963381/2, Fax (002 02) 6963399
Email: tawfikassy@egyptair.com.eg

Mr. Abdul Kader Katamish (Vice President)
Ph. (002 02) 2679222, Fax (002 02) 2672614
Email: abdelkatamish@gmail.com

Mde.Azza Mohamed El Din (General Manager – Purchasing)
Ph. (002 02) 2673864, Fax (002 02) 4183703
Email: azzasheira@egyptair.com.eg
Website: www.dutyfree.com.eg