Beirut Duty Free

Phoenicia-Aer Rianta Company S.A.L., (PAC) is a joint venture between Phoenicia Trading Afro Asia and Aer Rianta International-Middle East.  (PAC), better known as Beirut Duty Free (BDF), solely runs and operates all of the Duty Free Shops at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (BHIA)

 Beirut Duty Free manages a total retail space at the airport of just over 4,500 sqm, including two arrivals shops measuring a total of 520 sqm, offering all of the key international brands such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Johnnie Walker, Chopard, and Bose within a modern and inviting range of shops.

 Having recently been successful in retaining its licence to operate the Duty Free shops at BHIA, it is Beirut Duty Free’s ongoing ambition to continue to bring the best in class of World Travel Retailing to the Levant and Middle East.

 The main departures concourse has seven distinct retail zones, recreating a shopping street within an Airport.


This is the central atrium area featuring the new prime Promotional location for the launch of all new brands and key promotional activities. It also showcases the best of Sunglasses with the new Sunglass shop located within this central space along with fabulous views out onto the airfield.



Located on the west wing, the Beauty Store, with a wide selection of international Perfumes & Cosmetics houses – all are fully customized by the Perfume and Cosmetic brands themselves, with strong visible lines into the shop, and prominent promotional areas for new launches and marketing activities.


The Luxury Zone comprises Watches, Jewelry, Fashion and Accessories covering an area of 1200 sqm.  The fashion areas have been fully customized as shop-in-shop concepts, showcasing key international brands such as Lacoste, Salvatore Ferragamo, Moretti and Ralph Lauren.

The brands and categories selected for inclusion are constantly improving in line with the customer profile for this major international airport – some of these high-profile brands include Hermes, Mont Blanc & Chopard.

The Watches department has been given prime location within this retail layout – toward the front of the shop – hosting all the major international brands customers would expect to find in a luxury Watch shop.


The Electronics Shop includes the latest in Cellular Phones, Laptops, Electronics and Photography categories as well as Virgin Megastores.  This area has a distinctly hi-tech ambience allowing customers to inter-act and engage with the products

The Food Shop houses several strong local names, such as Hallab, Castania, Goodies and Patisserie Douaihy, offering customers the very best of Lebanese food.



Encompassing 500 sqm, it incorporates an unparalleled selection of cigars, cigarillos and accessories presented in a stylish shop concept including two large walk-in humidors.

But the most intriguing element is the VIP cigar lounge.  Located at the back of the shop, this sophisticated and elegant facility with comfortable leather seating, a bar and an authentic Cuban ambience, is only open to privilege card holders.



The duty free area located at the east wing, is dedicated to Cigarettes, Tobacco, Liquor, Confectionary and Toys, along with a selection of the very best of Lebanese local Arts and Crafts.

Within this, specific zones have been created, notably a dedicated wine area to showcase the world famous Lebanese classic vineyards.



Located close to the boarding gates are two satellite shops retailing the key items that customers seek but may have missed in the main shops, including Perfumery & Cosmetics, Liquor, Tobacco and Confectionary.

With the strong growth in business at Beirut Rafic Harriri International Airport, it is BDF’s ambition to develop additional space and introduce key new brands to its airport shops while developing new and innovative retail concepts that will add to customer choice and convenience when travelling.


Phoenicia – Aer Rianta Co. SAL (PAC)
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