December 02 2013, 8:57 AM

MEADFA (The Middle East & Africa Duty Free Association) and TFWA are pleased to  announce that they will continue to work together on the annual MEADFA Conference.

The Conference, which is staged usually in November, will continue to be managed by  TFWA on behalf of MEADFA. The agreement covers the 2014 MEADFA Conference  which will take place in Dubai and also the 2015 event, the venue of which will be  communicated at a later stage.

TFWA was chosen after a selection process launched by MEADFA as the existing contract  neared its conclusion.

Sean Staunton, President MEADFA: “The Board of MEADFA is delighted to be working  with TFWA once again. We are very satisfied with the outcome of this year’s conference  and delegate feedback has been extremely positive. Doha proved a great venue and it  was fascinating to see behind the scenes at the new airport. We have already had  preliminary thoughts about the 2014 MEADFA Conference and, in the meantime, we will  continue to represent the industry in the region at a time of very encouraging growth.”

Responding, Erik Juul-Mortensen, President TFWA, said: “On behalf of TFWA may I say  that we are proud to be associated with MEADFA and we are very pleased that our strong  relationship with the association will continue. This year’s conference in Doha was a  success and offered further evidence of the strength of the regional industry. We look  forward to next year’s edition in Dubai.”

A report on the 2013 MEADFA Conference can be found at