Board members and Officers elections -Term Feb 2013-2015 Embracing Africa
February 28 2013, 9:18 AM

The Middle East Duty Free Association (MEDFA) held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 in Dubai at the Meydan Hotel.

The meeting, led by MEDFA President and Vice President Retail Services at Emirates Airline, Mr. John Sime, focused on MEDFA financials, and the election of the new MEDFA committee to serve for the new term starting from February 2013 to Feb 2015.

The MEDFA members decided to Embrace AFRICA, members from this continent are now welcome to join The Association’s membership.

This involved a change in the name of the Association, it was decided to be renamed:

The Middle East and Africa Duty Free Association

The Association will use the initials: MEADFA

The nominated members selected to form MEADFA board for the new term are:

Dubai Duty Free – Mr. Sean Staunton
Emirates Airline – Mr. John Sime
Qatar Duty Free Company – Mr. Keith Hunter
International Duty Free and Trading Agencies – Mr. Sherif Toulan
Tourvest Duty Free – Mr. Selwyn Grimsley
WDF – ALDEASA Jordan Airport Duty Free – Mr. Taleb Izmigna
AerRianta International Middle East – Mr. Philip Eckles
Jordan Duty Free Shops – Mr. Haitham Al Majali
Dubai Airports Company – Mr. Eugene Barry
International Duty Free and Trading Agencies Ltd – Mr. Sherif Toulan
Tax Free World Association – Mr. Erik Juul-Mortensen

Mr. Sherif Toulan from International Duty Free and Trading Agencies ltd has been appointed as Secretary General of the Association.

Following the AGM the designated board has nominated the committee officers as follows:

President – Mr. Sean Staunton
Vice President – Mr. Taleb Izmigna
Treasurer – Mr. Eugene Barry

Mr. John Sime expressed his thanks to the outgoing Board members for their support and contribution to making MEADFA as successful as it is today. He, as well, welcomed the new Board members and wished the new President Mr. Sean Staunton and the officers elected the best of luck in running the Association.

Mr. Sean Staunton said “I would like to congratulate John Sime on leading the board to a highly successful term. This is indeed an exciting time for MEADFA with the inclusion of Africa and I look forward to continuing to develop on the board’s success”.